German-Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research and Training (GLACIER)

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is showing that infectious diseases can only be solved by global efforts; and that medical and social approaches must go hand in hand in order to provide solutions. Based on this understanding, the GIGA has become part of the new multi-disciplinary DAAD-funded „German-Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research and Training“ – GLACIER and will work on a comparative study of vaccination policies in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. DAAD, 2021-2025


    Valeria Morales

    Doctoral Researcher


    Prof. Dr. Bert Hoffmann

    Lead Research Fellow / Leitung GIGA Berlin Büro


    What accounts for the differences in vaccination policies and the political struggles about these in varying country contexts? What best practices for efficient vaccination strategies and pandemic containment can be identified?

    Beitrag zu internationaler Forschung

    The project will provide much-needed empirical evidence at the intersection of political science, global health and epidemiology on a question of crucial current relevance.

    Forschungsdesign und Methoden

    Comparative study on Mexico, Cuba and six countries of Central America; interaction with medical scholars.

    Pressemitteilung | 30.04.2021

    Gemeinsam gegen die Pandemie: Das GIGA engagiert sich in Deutsch-Lateinamerikanischem Zentrum zur Global-Health-Forschung

    Das GIGA ist Teil des neuen, multidisziplinären „German–Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research and Training“ (GLACIER). Das Zentrum bringt führende deutsche und lateinamerikanische Forschungseinrichtungen zu Infektionskrankheiten zusammen.


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