The Belt and Road Initiative and Southeast Asian Countries: The Debt Curse Perspective; WP “Political Implications of the BRI in Malaysia”

  • Leitung

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Akihisa Mori



    This particular project examines the political implications of the BRI in Malaysia, especially the stances of political parties regarding Chinese investments in major infrastructure projects such as the East Coast Railway Link.

    Beitrag zu internationaler Forschung

    The BRI project contributes to research on Chinese investment strategies and its impact on political and economic processes in Southeast Asia.

    Forschungsdesign und Methoden

    The overall project consists of individual smaller projects on different aspects of the BRI in a range of Southeast countries. It is thus a multi-disciplinary and comparative work. This specific project on Malaysia includes research stays in the country to gather material and to conduct interviews.

    Vorläufige Ergebnisse

    The East Coast Railway Link is one of the most important infrastructure project in Malaysia and has a major impact on relations between China and Malaysia, but also on party politics in Malaysia.


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