Name (year of graduation, dissertation title), current position, current institution

  • Haaß, Felix (2017, Buying Democracy? The Political Economy of Foreign Aid, Power-Sharing Governments, and Post-Conflict Political Development), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Bondes, Maria (2017, A Burning Issue: Waste Incineration and the Diffusion of Environmental Contention in China), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • van Treeck, Katharina (2017, The Role of Labor in Sustainable Development), Project Lead, Common Future e.V..

  • Sunik, Anna (2017, Monarchic Peace? Foreign Policy and Ingroup Identity of Middle East Monarchies), Lecturer, University of Heidelberg and University of Koblenz-Landau.

  • Wilczak, Jessica (2017, Reconstructing Rural Chengdu: Urbanization as Development in the Post-Quake Context), Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Lausanne.

  • Strüver, Georg (2017, Explaining Alignment in International Politics: The Case of Foreign Policy Convergence and Partnerships with China), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Negrete García, Ana Karen (2017, Microenterprise Performance and Economic Development: Evidence from Mexico), Researcher, DCEA University of Guanajuato.

  • Hettig, Elisabeth (2017, Agricultural Transformation and Land-Use Change: Evidence on Causes and Impacts from Indonesia), Referentin für Forschungsförderung und Internationales, University of Hamburg.

  • Grauvogel, Julia (2017, The 'Internal Opposition Effect' of International Sanctions: Insights from Burundi, Zimbabwe and a Qualitative-Comparative Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Renner, Sebastian (2016, Poverty, inequality and the decarbonization of economic development), Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Göttingen.

  • Strasheim, Julia (2016, Interim Governments and the Stability of Peace), Research Fellow, Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung.

  • Pawelz, Janina (2016, The Transformation of Violence-Prone Groups. The Cases of Trinidad and Tobago and Timor-Leste), Research Fellow, IFSH Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, University of Hamburg.

  • Hoffmann, Anne (2016, Regional Public Policy-Making. The Case of UNASUR), Project Manager Sustainability & Climate Change, Fakultät Life Sciences, HAW Hamburg.

  • Ebert, Hannes (2016, Change and Contestation in South Asia), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Wojczewski, Thorsten (2016, India and the Quest for World Order: Hegemony and Identity in India's post-Cold War Foreign Policy Discourse), Teaching fellow and postdoctoral researcher, India Institute, King's College London.

  • Roy, Vita (2016, Managing Lootable Natural Resources: What Makes Successful Strategies of Reconstruction?), Policy Advisor, Wissenschaftsrat.

  • Garzón, Jorge (2016, The Problem of Regions and Regionalism in a Multipolar World), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Burilkov, Alex (2016, The Maritime Strategy of Regional Powers: China, India, Iran, and Brazil from 2001 to 2015), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Peters, Ina (2016, Cohesion and Fragmentation in the Social Movement against Belo Monte: How Frames and Identities promote Movement Dynamics), Research Management, Academy for Spatial Research and Planning.

  • García, Daniela (2015, Solar Energy and the Problem of Path Dependency in Costa Rica's Energy System), Researcher, Center for Political Economy and Sustainable Development (CINPE), Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica.

  • Koß, Maren (2015, Islamist Resistance Organizations and Conceptions of Political Order: Comparing Hezbollah and Hamas from 2005 to 2013), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Gephart, Malte (2015, Local embedding of the international and transnational anti-corruption discourse from a post-development perspective: Anti-corruption narratives in Paraguay and Chile), Senior Consultant "Energy Policy", Ecofys Germany GmbH.

  • Lucas, Viola (2015, The Effects of Autocracies on Governance), Research Fellow, GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies.

  • Mau, Karsten (2015, Essays in International Economics: China’s Exports, Economic Growth, and Comparative Advantage), Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Leuphana University Lüneburg.

  • Darwich, May (2015, The Interplay of Ideational and Material Forces in Threat Perception: Saudi and Syrian Choices in Middle East Wars), Lecturer in International Relations of the Middle East, Durham University.

  • Zanker, Franzisca (2015, The Legitimisation of Peace Negotiations: A Role for Civil Society), Senior Researcher, Arnold Bergstraesser Institut.

  • Nymalm, Nicola (2015, From ‘Japan Problem’ to ‘China Threat’? Dissecting the Economic Discourses on Japan (1985-1995) and China (1995-2008) in the United States Congress), Research Fellow, Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

  • Koos, Carlo (2015, Ethnic Mobilization in Resource-Abundant African States. Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses of the Role of Ethnic Identity and Natural Resources in Armed Intrastate Conflicts), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Wagner, Maren (2015, Emergence, Complexity, Discourse: A critical realist approach to institutional dynamics in East Asia), Coordinator Doctoral Programme, GIGA.

  • Nolte, Kerstin (2015, Large-scale land acquisitions in sub-Saharan Africa. Determinants, processes and actors), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Carpes, Mariana (2015, From Breadcrumbs to threads of wool: Building a neoclassical realist model for the study of regional powers’ nuclear choices), Assistant Professor, Escola de Comando e Estado Maior do Exército (ECEME), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Borszik, Oliver (2014, Irans Führungsanspruch (1979-2013): Mission, Anhängerschaft und islamistische Konzepte im Diskurs der Politikelite), Advisor at the Refugee Centre Hamburg.

  • Bothmann, Astrid (2014, Drawing a Line Under the Past. Transitional Justice in Nicaragua 1990-2012), Förderreferentin, VolkswagenStiftung.

  • Stolte, Christina (2014, Brazil in Africa – Extraregional Engagement as Stepping Stone to Great Power Status?), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität-Erlangen (FAU), Chair of International Business and Society Relations with focus on Latin America.

  • Fraundorfer, Markus (2014, Global solutions from the tropics. Brazil’s increasing influence in global sectoral governance), Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Wodrig, Stefanie (2014, Discourses of intervention: The crises in Burundi and Zimbabwe as arenas of regional politics), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Kiel.

  • Seemann, Miriam (2014, Water Security and the Politics of Water Rights Formalization in Peru and Bolivia. The Struggle for Water Justice in Andean Water User Communities), Consultant “Governance und Public Financial Management (PFM)”, GFA Consulting Group GmbH.

  • Barrera, Anna (2014, Promoting Change in Legally Plural Settings: Domestic Violence and Indigenous Women´s Quest for Justice in the Andes), Programme Manager (Explore-Programme) at the EU-LAC Foundation, Hamburg.

  • Korte, Nina (2014, The Political Economy of Public Administration Reforms in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis of the Tax Administration in Indonesia and the Philippines), Advisor, GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH.

  • Hess, Natalie (2014, The Strategic Partnerships between the European Union and Regional Powers (Brazil, India, South Africa), Consultant, Cassini Consulting Nord GmbH, Hamburg.

  • Prasad, Karolina (2013, Ethnicity as the dependent variable in politics: A comparative study of Malaysian Sarawak and Indonesian West Kalimantan), Director of Foreign Languages, Tennessee Foreign Language Institute.

  • Giesbert, Lena (2013, Responses to risk: the role of insurance for the poor in Africa), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Abb, Pascal (2013, China’s Foreign Policy Think Tanks: Explaining Institutional Developments and Shifting Roles), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Scholvin, Sören (2013, The Geopolitics of Regional Powers: How Do Geographical Conditions Influence South Africa’s Regional Economic and Political Relations?), Research Fellow at the Institute for Economic and Cultural Geography, University of Hannover.

  • Plagemann, Johannes (2013, On the Transformation of Sovereignty in Democratic Regional Powers. Normative Aspects of the Rise of the Rest), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Albrechts, Nicole (2013, Die Effektivität verschiedener Initiativen und Konzepte zur Korruptionsbekämpfung in Staaten mit Erdölvorkommen. Ein Vergleich von Nigeria, Kamerun, Kasachstan und Ecuador), Procter & Gamble.

  • Never, Babette (2013, Knowledge Systems and Change in Climate Governance: Comparing India and South Africa 2007-2010), Researcher, German Development Institute, Bonn.

  • Heep, Sandra (2012, China in Global Finance: Domestic Financial Repression and International Financial Power), Head of Program “Financial System”, Mercator Institute for Chinese Studies.

  • Buitrago Bascopé, Miguel Angel (2012, The Effects of Decentralization on the Democratic Deepening Process: A Case Study of Bolivia), Consultant and Lecturer at University of Lüneburg and University of Hamburg.

  • Eucker, Dennis (2012, Development and Climate Change in the Mekong River Delta. A case study on poverty, vulnerability, and how adaptive capacity can be enhanced), Senior Project Manager, adelphi.

  • Godehardt, Nadine (2012, Regional Orders and Intertwined Actors. China’s engagement in Central Asia, 2001-2010), Research Fellow Division Asia, SWP Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik.

  • Haas, Nadine (2012, Violence in Central American literature and other media), Coordination Officer for the Luxembourg EU-Presidency 2015, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Hanif, Melanie (2012, The rise of regional powers and the changing legitimacy of regions in international relations. With a reconstruction of the Indian case), Research Fellow, Office of MP Dagmar Freitag.

  • Mähler, Annegret (2012, Cursed by resource wealth? The political economy of oil in Latin America), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Meissner, Hannes (2012, The Resource Curse and the Effect of Inter- and Transnational Initiatives to Enhance Accountability and Transparency over Revenues in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan), Analyst, Competence Team Black Sea Region, Fachhochschule des bfi Wien.

  • Ranko, Anette (2012, The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood under Mubarak – Transformation in the Process of Ideational Interaction with the state), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Shim, David (2012, Seeing is Believing: Imaging North Korean in International Politics), Assistant Professor, International Relations, University of Groningen.

  • Stroh, Alexander (2012, Erfolgsbedingungen politischer Parteien in Afrika. Benin und Burkina Faso seit der Rückkehr zum Mehrparteiensystem), Juniorprofessur für Politikwissenschaft (Politik Afrikas und Entwicklungspolitik), Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Universität Bayreuth.

  • Vüllers, Johannes (2012, Es sind noch keine Friedensengel vom Himmel gefallen… Friedensengagement von Religionsgemeinschaften in innerstaatlichen Gewaltkonflikten, 1990 bis 2009), Senior Research Fellow and member of the "Communication, Networks and Contention" Research Group at the Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Konstanz.

  • Zeino-Mahmalat, Ellinor (2012, Saudi Arabia’s and Iran’s Iraq Policies in the Post-Gulf War Era – Rethinking Foreign Policy Analysis in the Gulf at the Intersection of Power, Interests, and Ideas), Project Coordinator, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Marokko.

  • Argueta, Otto (2011, Private Security in Guatemala: explanatory factors and effects on Democracy), Learning, Policy and Research Officer at the Interpeace Latin American Office.

  • Capdepón, Ulrike (2011, Zwischen lokalen Erinnerungsdiskursen und transnationaler Aufarbeitung von Vergangenheit. Die Auseinandersetzung mit Diktatur und Menschenrechtsverletzungen in Chile und Spanien), Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the ERC Project “Narratives of Terror and Disappearance”, University of Konstanz.

  • Huhn, Sebastian (2011, Crime in Costa Rica. The Discursive Construction of a Social and Political Problem), Research Assistant, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence, University of Bielefeld.

  • Peetz, Peter (2011, Maras, Medien, Militär: Gesellschaftlicher Diskurs und staatliche Politik gegenüber Jugendbanden in Honduras), Heads of Finance and Administration, GIGA.

  • Destradi, Sandra (2010, Regional Powers and their Strategies – Empire, Hegemony, and Leadership: India’s Relations with Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh), Research Fellow, GIGA.

  • Fromm, Ingrid (2010, Upgrading in Agricultural Value Chains: The Case of Small and Medium-sized Producers in Honduras), Member of the Department of International Agriculture, Swiss College of Agriculture.

  • Wehner, Leslie (2010, Stalled Free Trade Agreement Negotiations in the Global Economy), Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Bath.

  • Fuchs, Ruth (2009, Vergangenheitspolitik und Demokratisierung in Argentinien und Uruguay), Programme Manager, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

  • Bornschein, Dirk (2009, Vergangenheitspolitik im Prozess der Demokratisierung: Das Beispiel Guatemala), Researcher bei FLACSO Guatemala.

  • Hilger, Doris (2009, Bildungspolitik in Indien), The India Desk of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

  • Hille, Kristina (2009, Die empresas recuperadas in Argentinien), Co-Screenwriter/Co-Director of Awka Liwen.

  • Kursawe, Janet (2009, Drug Policy in the Golden Crescent: Perceptual Pattern and Strategies in the Fight against Drugs as Responses to the Rise of Trafficking in Narcotics in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran), Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Institut für Entwicklung und Frieden (INEF), Universität Duisburg Essen

  • Richter, Thomas (2009, Autoritäre Herrschaft, materielle Ressourcen und Außenhandelsreformen: Ein Vergleich von Marokko, Tunesien, Ägypten und Jordanien), Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator GIGA Forum, GIGA.

  • Smith-Höhn, Judith (2009, Challenges to Rebuilding the Security Sector in Post-Conflict Societies: Perceptions and Potentials in Liberia and Sierra Leone), Programme Manager, South African Institute of International Affairs.

  • Ungerer, Michaela (2009, Vietnamesische Textilindustrie), Senior Technical Advisor Good Financial Governance in Africa Programme, GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH.

  • Brach, Juliane (2008, Economic Development in the Arab Countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Determinants, Constraints and Implications for EU-Arab Relations), CEO/Policy and Strategy Advisor – Innovation, Emerging Markets & Research, The Knowledge Company.

  • Desta, Isaac Hailemariam (2008, Democratisation, Improved Governance and the Creation of Conducive Environment for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Development in sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Eritrea), Associate Professor, Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Indiana.

  • Kisekka-Ntale, Fredrick (2008, Institutional Dilemmas in Tropical Resource Management. A Case Study of Kakamega Forst, Kenya), Development Research and Social Policy Analysis Center (DRASPAC), Kampala, Uganda.

  • Michuki M’Mukaria, George (2008, Trapped in Subsistence? A Study of Poor Rural Livelihoods in Rural Kenya with a Focus on Non-Agricultural Activities).

  • Muteanu, Olga (2008, Globale Wertschöpfungsketten im Wandel. Die Herausforderungen für lokale Automobilzulieferer in Ungarn), Analyse unternehmensfreundlicher Förderprogramme im Dezernat Forschung und Technologietransfer, Leibniz University of Hannover.

  • Zeng, Xiuhua (2008, Locational Factors and the Development of High-tech Enterprises in China).

  • Soest, Christian von (2007, Leistungsfähigkeit afrikanischer Bürokratien – Botswana und Zambia), Lead Research Fellow RP 2, GIGA.

  • Steiner, Susan ((2007, An Evaluation of the Impact of Decentralisation on Poverty – The Case of Uganda), Jun. Professor, Institute of Development and Agricultural Economics, University of Hannover.

  • Shohat, Michael (2007, Voraussetzungen für die Entwicklung des E-Commerce in Südamerika am Beispiel Chile), Head of Registrar Services, Cronon AG and Chairman of the Esel-Initiative e.V. Supporting Single Mothers Worldwide.

  • Eberhardt, David (2006, Die Auswirkungen von “bad” governance am Beispiel der argentinischen Wirtschaftsentwicklung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Systemvertrauens).

  • Jansen, Karin (2006, Auswirkungen der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Eine kritische Betrachtung der dualen Berufsausbildung in Togo).

  • Schmieg, Evita (2006, Regionale Integration. Die Europäische Union und die Karibik), Associate, Research Division: EU/Europe, German Institute for International and Security Affairs.

  • Torres Fuchslocher, Carlos (2006, Development of Technology-Intensive Suppliers in Natural Resource-Based Economies: The Case of Aquaculture in Chile), Member of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Talca.

  • Flemes, Daniel (2005, Brazil’s Cooperative Leadership in Southern Latin America’s Security Politics. A Regional Power Striving for a Pluralistic Security Community in View of Domestic Tensions and Transnational Security Threats), Schumpeter Fellow of the Volkswagen Foundation, GIGA.

  • Plessis, Sophia du (2005, Institutions and Institutional Change as Explanation for Differences in Economic Development – A Study of Experience of Zambia and Botswana), Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Stellenbosch University.

  • Woeller, Axel (2005, Die Landfrage und Landreform in Namibia), Consultant, German Bundestag, Berlin.

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Julia Strasheim has been awarded the Leibniz Dissertation Award in the category Humanities and Social Sciences for her thesis.

Julia Strasheim has won the Körber Foundation's Deutscher Studienpreis, social sciences section, for her PhD thesis.

Recent Publications

Ina Peters
Cohesion and Fragmentation in Social Movements. How Frames and Identities Shape the Belo Monte Conflict (Springer)

Maren Wagner
Social Emergence in International Relations. Institutional Dynamics in East Asia (Palgrave Macmillan)

Miriam Seemann
Water Security, Justice and the Politics of Water Rights in Peru and Bolivia (Palgrave Macmillan)

Karolina Prasad
Identity Politics and Elections in Malaysia and Indonesia: Ethnic Engineering in Borneo (Routledge)