Research at the GIGA

As one of the leading European research institutes for area studies and comparative area studies, the GIGA offers a wide range of expertise and opportunities to our young researchers. While examining political, economic, and social developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, our doctoral students are active members of the GIGA’s institutional and research life. Based on their individual thematic orientations, they are well integrated into the GIGA’s research programmes as well as its regional institutes – both of which are closely intertwined through a matrix structure.

Consequently, our doctoral students benefit not only from participating in the doctoral programme but also from the continuous exchange of research ideas and knowledge that takes place at the GIGA. Within this process they become part of different research fields and work alongside senior scholars. GIGA doctoral students gain experience in a variety of academic approaches and receive support as they establish their publication records.

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Störungen im E-Mail-System des GIGA: Aufgrund technischer Probleme mit dem bestehenden System bereitet das GIGA derzeit tiefgreifende Änderungen seiner E-Mail-Infrastruktur vor. Eine verzögerte Zustellung von E-Mails kann auftreten, alle eingehenden E-Mails werden aber zugestellt werden. Wir bitten für die Unannehmlichkeiten um Entschuldigung und hoffen, bald wieder ohne Einschränkungen erreichbar zu sein.

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