Prof. Dr. Angelika Rettberg


Prof. Dr. Angelika Rettberg

  • Kurzer Lebenslauf

    • Since 07/2019: Visiting Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies

    • Ongoing: Associate professor at the Political Science Department at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá – Colombia)

    • Since 2019: Co-director of the Transformation and Empowerment Stream of the LSE-led and UKRI-funded Hub on Gender, Security, and Justice

    Aktuelle Forschung

    • Business behavior in contexts of armed conflict and peacebuilding

    • Relationship between legal resources

    • Armed conflict and crime

    • Dynamics of transitional justice and reconciliation

    Prof. Dr. Angelika Rettberg


    Beitrag | 09.2014

    Different Resources, Different Conflicts? A Framework for Understanding the Political Economy of Armed Conflict and Criminality in Colombian Regions

    Prof. Dr. Ralf Juan Leiteritz

    Carlo Nasi

    Beitrag | 04.2014

    Conflicto Dorado: Explorando La Relación Entre Minería De Oro, Conflicto Armado Y Criminalidad En Colombia (Golden Conflict: Exploring the Relationship Between Gold Mining, Armed Conflict, and Criminality in Colombia)

    Juan Felipe Ortiz-Riomalo

    Universität Osnabrück

    Forschungsprojekt | 01.01.2015 - 01.12.2019

    War Economies and Postwar Crime

    Even when armed conflicts formally end, the transition to peace is not clear-cut. In this project, we focus on an understudied factor in shaping post-war crime: war economies. This encompasses the organisation and development of a society’s legal and illegal resource flows in support or as a result of conflict and violence.
    AvH, 2015-2019

    Moderator:in, Panelbeitragende:r, Panelbeitragende:r | 24.10.2013

    Kolumbien: Friedensverhandlungen vor dem Durchbruch?

    GIGA Talk GIGA Berlin, Berlin: 24.10.2013 Organisation: German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

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