Dr. Magna Inácio

Ehemals Associate

Dr. Magna Inácio

  • Dr. Magna Inácio

    Ehemals Associate

    Government and Opposition | 06.2022

    Cabinet Reshuffles in Latin America: A Function of Presidential Reputation

    In this article we propose an innovative comparative analysis of cabinet reshuffles in Latin American presidential systems, focusing on personal incentives as drivers of ministerial turnover.

    Kapitel in Sammelband | 08.2020

    Presidential Pathways and Profiles

    In their contribution to the Oxford Handbook of Political Executives, Mariana Llanos and Magna Inácio provide a comprehensive overview of the pathways for the selection of chief executives in democratic regimes with directly elected presidents and assess their profiles.

    Datensatz | 2018

    Replication Data for: The Institutional Presidency from a Comparative Perspective: Argentina and Brazil since the 1980s

    Replication Data for: "Brazilian Congress, 2014 elections and governability challenges" as published in BPSR, vol. 9, nº 1, 2015.


    Konferenz | 29.08.2014 - 31.08.2014

    The Institutional Presidency in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis

    APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2014, Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC Organisation: American Political Science Association Dr. Magna Inácio (Vortragende:r), Prof. Dr. Mariana Llanos (Vortragende:r)


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