Jan Klenke

Doctoral Researcher

Jan Klenke

  • Short CV

    • Since 10/2018: Research Fellow / Doctoral Student at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies and GIGA Doctoral Programme

    • 02/2017 - 09/2018: Product manager at Allianz Insurance AG

    • 09/2016 - 02/2017: Intern in the product development at Allianz Insurance AG

    • Education: M.A. of Science in Political Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; B.A. in Political Science and Legal Studies, Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich

    Current Research

    • Emerging Powers

    • International Climate Policy

    Countries and Regions

    • Brazil

    • India

    • China


    • The Impact of Emerging Powers on International Climate Negotiations

    PS - Political Science and Politics | 04/2023

    Introducing ScrumAdemia: An Agile Guide for Doctoral Research

    Pursuing a PhD is an exigent endeavor entailing various psychological and organizational challenges. This article proposes our adaptation of the agile method Scrum, which we call “ScrumAdemia,” as a solution.

    Dataset | 2022

    Replication data for Introducing ScrumAdemia: An Agile Guide for Doctoral Research

    Replication data for: Franco, Clara, Anna Fünfgeld, Viviana García Pinzón, Jan Klenke, Rebecca Lohmann, Désirée Reder, and Swantje Schirmer (2023), Introducing ScrumAdemia: An Agile Guide for Doctoral Research...


    Global Environmental Politics | 11/2022

    It’s a Performance, Not an Orchestra!: Rethinking Soft Coordination in Global Climate Governance

    Global climate governance is in transition. As the focus shifts from negotiations to implementation, the quest for ways to effectively coordinate ambitious climate action has become a key concern. While existing studies frame this problem mostly in terms of institutional design (to “facilitate” state ambition) and strategic delegation of authority (to “orchestrate” nonstate action), this article builds on dramaturgical policy analysis to examine soft coordination in practice. Using ethnographic methods, we analyze public performances at the twenty-fifth Conference of the Parties (COP25) in Madrid. We conclude that performances and dramaturgical interventions are important tools of soft coordination in global climate governance.

    Stefan Aykut

    Felix Schenuit

    Emilie d'Amico

    GAIA | 12/2021

    It’s not Enough to be Right!: The Climate Crisis, Power, and the Climate Movement

    Dr. Angela Pohlmann

    Kerstin Walz

    Stefan Aykut

    Sören Altstaedt

    Dr. Arwen Colell

    Prof. Dr. Udo Dietrich

    Hauke Feddersen

    Annabarbara Friedrich

    Franziska Krieger

    Felix Schenuit

    Alvine Datchoua-Tirvaudey

    Dr. Markus Schulz

    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Cathrin Zengerling

    GIGA Focus Global | 7/2021

    Requirements for a Successful COP 26: Commitment, Responsibilities, Trust

    The agenda for the UN Climate Change Conference foresees the conclusion of negotiations on implementation rules for the Paris Agreement and the setting of more ambitious targets by the parties. The authors analyse the requirements for a successful COP 26 in Glasgow.

    Graduiertenakademie GradTUBS | 11/11/2021

    ScrumAdemia: How to organize your PhD using iterations and a team

    Organiser: Graduiertenakademie GradTUBS, Technische Universität Braunschweig Désirée Reder (Speaker), Jan Klenke (Speaker)

    Doctoral Researchers face various challenges including receiving
    training on research methods, regular supervision and feedback,
    and loneliness.
    While research institutions provide methods training, supervision
    depends on the individual PhD-advisors, and information on PhDorganization is often limited on introductory self-help guides.
    Experiences of loneliness due to the lack of working in a team can
    also lead to mental health issues. Additionally, the long-term
    prospect of a huge project such as a dissertation provides only few
    rewarding moments on the way. Thus, the struggles of day-to-day
    work organization are generally overlooked.
    Scrum provides a solution to some of these issues by introducing a
    team structure, regular meetings, and an iterative work style with
    short-term achievements. Originating from software development,
    Scrum needs to be adjusted to the very particular academic
    context. This is why we came up with: ScrumAdemia!

    GIGA Forum | 27/10/2021

    Final Chance for the 1.5 Degrees? Expectations for the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow

    Final Chance for the 1.5 Degrees? Expectations for the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, Online event Organisers: German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) Jan Klenke (Organiser, Panelist), Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen (Organiser), Prof. Dr. Michael Brüggemann (Panelist), Prof. Dr. Heike Schroeder (Panelist), Eva Marsland (Panelist), Dr. Dietmar Molthagen (Moderator), Dr. David Kuehn (Organiser)

    This GIGA Forum/GIGA Talk addresses the complicated negotiations to be expected during COP26: Who will act on which policy fields? What role does trust play in overcoming remaining differences? What role can civil society play to facilitate negotiations and make COP26 successful?

    Prof. Dr. Heike Schroeder

    Eva Marsland

    Dr. Dietmar Molthagen


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