• The group of doctoral researchers at the GIGA is composed of talented junior researchers from all over the world and from different disciplinary backgrounds. Our doctoral researchers are either self-funded (e.g. scholarship) or work in third party-funded projects at the GIGA while simultaneously pursuing their doctoral degrees.

    Exchange and cooperation with scholars from around the world is a decades-long tradition at the GIGA. To promote cooperation and exchange amongst doctoral researchers, we offer stays for visiting doctoral researchers at the GIGA.

    The professors and senior researchers at the GIGA and its partner universities and institutes have extensive experience supervising and mentoring doctoral researchers. Their participation in the selection process, the research colloquium, and on the doctoral board ensures the high quality of the GIGA Doctoral Programme.


    Current Research

    Countries and Regions

    • Work-life balance policies
    • Capability approach
    • Unpaid care work
    • Welfare state systems
    • Gender and social inequalities
    • Socio-ecological transformation
    • Uruguay
    • Brazil
    • Sweden

    Visiting Doctoral Researchers

    Luz Marcela Villalobos Andrade, National Autonomous University of Mexico: August 2023 – July 2024


    Prof. Dr. Merike Blofield

    Former GIGA Team member


    Our graduates continue their careers in various working fields. We stay in contact with our alumni and keep track of their career paths. Many of them continue to work as researchers in academia or in administrative or managerial positions in the academic sphere. Others have positions in ministries, international organisations, political foundations, NGOs or in the consulting sector.

    Alumni List


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