INFECTIONS in an Urbanizing World - Humans, Animals, Environments

  • The Leibniz Research Alliance INFECTIONS promotes interdisciplinary research across several sections of the Leibniz Association. It focuses on the spread of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) microbes in an urbanizing society. This is a topical issue since a number of endemic infectious diseases are the leading cause of disease and mortality worldwide. In addition, humanity is increasingly challenged by emerging infectious agents that are often zoonotic in nature, such as the coronavirus outbreak.
    Leibniz Association, 2021-2025

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    Research Questions

    A central research question of the alliance is on how to implement effective and cost-effective measures curbing antimicrobial resistance.

    Contribution to International Research

    The allicance's aim is to advance the state of knowledge, contribute to the development of counter measures and to provide tailored policy recommendations.

    Research Design and Methods

    The alliance uses an interdisciplinary approach combining inter alia empirical research with theoretcial modelling.

    As one of the partner institutes of INFECTIONS, the GIGA is primarily concerned with current developments in the field of "Antimicrobial Stewardship". This includes, for example, the analysis of the status of the implementation of the national action plans for the containment of antimicrobial resistance in Germany, but also in the countries of the Global South, as demanded by the WHO. At the micro level, the GIGA will evaluate a number of measures for more efficient use of antibiotics (especially in the area of diagnostics) and assess them for cost-benefit. This will be done largely in cooperation with the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM). As part of its work within the network, the GIGA will develop concrete recommendations for policy-makers.

    GIGA Focus Global | 3/2022

    COVID-19 and Violent Actors in the Global South: A Complex Relationship

    A cross-regional comparative analysis of the effects of COVID-19 on violence shows high levels of variation between contexts and in terms of specific armed actors. While Latin America along with the Middle East and North Africa have experienced an overall reduction, violence in sub-Saharan Africa has increased.

    GIGA Focus Africa | 1/2022

    Ten Things to Watch in Africa in 2022

    Two years into the pandemic, there are signs that sub-Saharan Africa will experience a modest recovery in 2022. However, inadequate vaccine supply, violent conflicts and structural weaknesses remain challenges for the region. We present an analysis of "ten things to watch" in Africa.

    Cooperation Event | 11/05/2023 - 12/05/2023

    5. Vollversammlung des Leibniz-Forschungsverbunds INFECTIONS

    Am 11. und 12. Mai. 2023 treffen sich die Vertreterinnen und Vertreter des Leibniz-Forschungsverbunds INFECTIONS zu ihrer 5. Vollversammlung in Hamburg. Gastgeber des diesmaligen Treffens ist das GIGA. Gemeinsam werden die Fortschritte der aktuellen Forschungsprojekte diskutiert und neue Projekte, wie z.B. das erste Citizen Science Projekt des Verbunds, vorgestellt, an dem auch das GIGA aktiv beteiligt ist.


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