Sabine Kurtenbach

The Limits of Peace in Latin America

Peacebuilding | 2019

  • Edited Volume | 10/2023

    Venezuela: de la pax malandra a la paz ciudadana

    Venezuela is an unusual context for a study on peace and peacebuilding. The book provides an analysis with a “conflict and peace” lens besides the fact that its high levels of violence are not an open war or armed conflict.

    GIGA Working Papers | 11/2023

    Coping with Complexity: Dealing with Non-State Armed Actors

    Non-state armed actors come in a variety of shapes including warlord-led groups. In war or lower-level armed conflict, and violence-prone contexts, these groups pose severe problems to peacebuilding, democratic governance, and sustainable development. This trend analysis maps cross-regional developments.

    Yannick Deepen

    Former GIGA Team member


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