Hana Attia / Julia Grauvogel

International Sanctions Termination, 1990–2018: Introducing the IST Dataset

Journal of Peace Research | 2022

  • Abstract

    Despite intense public and policy debates about the termination (and re-instatement) of sanctions in cases such as Iran, Cuba and Russia, research has hitherto focused on sanctions imposition and effectiveness, directing little attention towards their removal. Existing work has been constrained by a lack of adequate data. In response, we introduce a novel dataset that contains information on the termination of all EU, UN, US and regional sanctions between 1990 and 2018. In contrast to previous datasets, which rely on media reports, the International Sanctions Termination (IST) dataset systematically codes official governmental and intergovernmental documents. It contains information on the design of sanctions – including expiry dates, review provisions and termination requirements – and captures the gradual process of adapting and ending sanctions. The article describes the data collection process, considers IST’s complementarity to and compatibility with existing datasets, and discusses the newly captured variables, exploring how they affect the termination of sanctions. The results indicate that changes in the sender’s goals and investments in monitoring devices lead to significantly longer sanctions spells. By contrast, clearly stipulated termination requirements decrease the expected duration of sanctions.

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    Journal of Peace Research

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    Dataset | 2022

    International Sanctions Termination Dataset

    The International Sanctions Termination (IST) dataset is composed of the entire universe of sanctions imposed by the EU, UN, US and regional organizations in the period from 1990 to 2018, including those that were already in place by 1990 and those still ongoing...



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