Patrick Köllner

Australia and New Zealand Recalibrate their China Policies: Convergence and Divergence

Pacific Review | 2021

  • Political Science | 04/2022

    Australia and New Zealand's Pacific Policy: Aligned, not Alike

    This article examines Australia's and New Zealand's policies towards the (South) Pacific. A context-sensitive, paired comparison reveals significant differences with respect to security and migration policies. These difference exist alongside the many similarities and joint approaches in the two Australasian countries' relations with and policies towards the Pacific.

    GIGA Focus Asia | 1/2022

    How to Anchor Germany’s Drifting Indo-Pacific Policy

    Naval deployments have taken centre stage in the implementation of Indo-Pacific policies. Yet, as the voyage of the frigate “Bayern” exemplifies, the German, similar to other European policies, suffers from contradictions that are hidden under the “rules-based order” label.

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 7/2021

    Raisi’s Foreign Policy: Pragmatic Revolutionism and the Iranian Pivot to Asia

    This GIGA Focus sheds light on the new Iranian conservative president Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi, and his doctrine of “pragmatic revolutionism.” The author analyses what the Iranian Asia-oriented foreign policy entails geopolitically and geoeconomically, and suggests how the multilateralist tendencies can be used by policymakers.


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