Julia Köbrich / Lisa Hoffmann

The Making of Interreligious Peace

Contribution | 2024

  • How to make interreligious peace?

    Sometimes, people belonging to different religions do not get along well – they may even fight against each other. However, this is not always the case. In many contexts, they cooperate and trust each other. In our research, we wanted to learn how to make interreligious peace from positive examples. So, we travelled to Sierra Leone and Togo in 2022 where interreligious relations were very peaceful. Many different people from the population were interviewed and we talked to religious leaders, civil society organisations, and policymakers. In this comic, we want to show you some examples of how to make interreligious peace: celebrating together, collaborating even when decisions are difficult, being friends, and respecting each other despite differences. We also learned that everyone needs to work to make interreligious peace happen because it is not always easy. We hope our examples can serve as an inspiration to think about how to live together in peace.

    Comic Interreligious Peace Cover
    © Elisabeth Gerberding

    Contribution | 2024

    Pictures of Religion and Interreligious Relations in Everyday Life

    For a photo project Togolese and Sierra Leonean participants took photos of religion and interreligious relations in their everyday life. This documentation of the project displays their diverse perspectives and invites observers to reflect on religion and interreligious relations in their lives.


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