Professor Solingen on Dealing with Nuclear Proliferation

Lecture as part of the GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series.

Professor Solingen at the lectern.
© GIGA / Julia Kneuse
Professor Solingen at the lectern.
© GIGA / Julia Kneuse

On 9 September 2016, the anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea carried out its fifth nuclear weapons test. This was already the second test this year. Apparently North Korea is accelerating its nuclear weapons programme.

What is behind all this and how does the international community deal with states that violate the non-proliferation regime?

Professor Etel Solingen from the University of California Irvine addressed these urgent issues in her talk “On Sanctions and Inducements – Dealing with Nuclear Proliferation” that very Friday. She was invited by the GIGA to come to Hamburg as part of the Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series. Her captivating lecture was followed by many questions from the interested audience, highlighting the multiple layers of the topic. (audio recording available)

For further reading on the nuclear weapons test in North Korea you will find a Deutschlandfunk interview with Professor Patrick Köllner, director of the GIGA Institute of Asia Studies, here.

Since 2011 a GIGA project team under the leadership of Dr Christian von Soest has been studying on international sanctions against authoritarian regimes.


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