In Brief | 22/06/2023

News of the GIGA Doctoral Programme

Learn more about the activities of our Doctoral Researchers in the past month.

  • Tom Konzack successfully defended his dissertation “From Peaceful Protest to Carnage: The Role of Resources and Sponsors in the Tactical Choices of Non-State Actors” at the University of Hamburg. Congratulations!

    Désirée Reder gave a talk at an event commemorating the fifth anniversary of the massacre at the Mothers Protests in Nicaragua, which was organized by the Nicaraguan exile community in Hamburg and attended by approx. 200 people. Additionally, she and Diba Mirzaei participated in a plenary discussion on “Sicherheit, Gewalt und Repression in Lateinamerika: Aktuelle Entwicklungen und Herausforderungen“, organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen (DGVN). At the beginning of July, she will also take part in a plenary discussion on “Exploring the Intersections across the Political Context in Latin America” initiated by the Europäische Akademie Berlin.

    Hager Ali, together with Gerrit Kurtz, wrote a comment for Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) Sudan titled “Stopping the War in Sudan. Civilian actors, not just parties to the conflict, should lead the peace negotiations.”

    Niklas Krösche wrote a GIGA Focus Africa titled “Organization of African Unity: An Optimist’s Appraisal 60 Years on”.

    Diba Mirzaei was invited by the Open Society Foundation to participate in a working group on Germany’s new foreign policy paradigms Zeitenwende and Feminist Foreign Policy. Additionally, she gave a seminar on Iran, its history, people and current developments at the police academy in Hamburg.

    Katharina Fietz presented her paper “Exit patterns of Bolsa Familia and the role of the local labor market in Brazil“ at the German Development Economics Conference and travelled to Sweden to present it at the Nordic Development Economics. Together with Jann Lay she published a GIGA Focus Global on Digital Skills in the Global South, as well as a GIGA working paper on Digitalisation and Labour Markets in Developing Countries.

    GIGA Doctoral Programme

    The GIGA has a long tradition of integrating young researchers into its research structure. This tradition culminated in the establishment of the GIGA Doctoral Programme. This programme seeks to provide a platform for young, international, and German academics, from which they can pursue their research and professional development, particularly in the field of comparative area studies (CAS).

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