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GIGA's Open Access Journals Now Published by SAGE

SAGE Publishing, one of the world’s leading independent and academic publishers, and the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) have recently partnered to publish GIGA's open access journals.

From 2019 onwards GIGA's four journals will be published by SAGE, maintaining the platinum standard of the open access model. The GIGA is an independent social science research institute with a unique “global approach” to scholarship, dedicated to academic excellence, and mandated to engage in knowledge transfer. The journals publish high-quality, original research on current issues in a format and style that is accessible across disciplines, and is of interest to scholars and practitioners researching the regions.

The GIGA Journal Family provides the academic community worldwide with a platform to submit cutting-edge research on and from Africa, China, Southeast Asia, and Latin America for peer review, and to publish the latest findings under conditions of full open access.

The portfolio of the journals is:

Professor Amrita Narlikar, President of the GIGA, remarked: “Since 2009, the GIGA has maintained a policy of full open access publishing without author fees or reader fees. Our cooperation with SAGE represents the vital step to take our journals to the next level, while abiding by our firm commitment to maintain the platinum standard of open access. Together we aim for the highest standards of academic excellence, global reach, and real-world impact.”

Miranda Nunhofer, Vice President, HSS Journals, SAGE Publishing added: “SAGE has always been driven by the mission to support the global dissemination of and engagement with research, through a platform that enables the greatest accessibility. SAGE and the GIGA share a commitment to scientific excellence, with a clear alignment in our publishing missions and approach to open access (OA). We look forward to sharing our expertise with the editorial boards and providing guidance to enhance the research base of these four OA titles.”


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