GIGA Staff Member Wins IIAS Photo Contest 2019

Christine Berg, a staff member in the GIGA Publications Department, is one of three winners of the IIAS Photo Contest 2019. The prizes for the winning photos were awarded at ICAS 11 in Leiden.

Christine Berg is one of the winners of the IIAS Photo Contest 2019. The contest was announced to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS). In the categories “IIAS” and “Asia and Europe. Asia in Europe,” the special focus topic of ICAS 11 (International Convention of Asia Scholars), particularly successful photos of IIAS conferences and activities of the last 25 years were requested. Christine Berg’s contribution was selected as one of the three best in the category “IIAS” from among the almost 230 photos entered in the contest.

Christine Berg's winning photo shows the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble during the opening ceremony of AAS/ICAS 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii. “This was the first ICAS conference that I attended myself for the GIGA,” says Christine Berg. “I chose this picture because it is a fond memory for me.” In the years that followed, she regularly attended ICAS conferences to present the Asia-related GIGA journals, Focus issues, and working papers at the GIGA’s booth.

Christine Berg has been a valued member of the GIGA's Publications Department since 2001.


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