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GIGA President Amrita Narlikar Provides Keynote at Federal Academy for Security Policy

For a comprehensive understanding of security, its dimensions and developments: GIGA President Amrita Narlikar kicks off debate on global trends at the Federal Academy for Security Policy.

  • Upon the invitation of the Federal Academic of Security Policy, GIGA President Amrita Narlikar kicks off the debate on global trends in their core seminar on Security Policy. She provides her expertise through an analysis of „The Global Economic Order and its implications for European security” and in an extensive round of debate with participants from across federal ministries as well as business and security sectors. The Academy (Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik) pursues a comprehensive, interconnected approach to security and strategy. The course is the most multifaceted advanced training on security policy provided in Germany on behalf of the Federal Government. It hones participants’ knowledge about global issues and promotes a cross-governmental understanding of security at the strategic level. The course prepares younger senior officials for national and international assignments as key decision-makers.

    Policy Paper | 03/2022

    Rebooting Germany’s Foreign Policy towards China

    In this paper, Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar discusses the foreign policy of Germany and its European partners towards China. This article was republished in Global Policy Blog (4.4.2022) and is also available to read in Hindi.

    Policy Paper | 02/2022

    Walking the Walk of values-based Diplomacy

    As the Russia-Ukraine conflict unfolds, Germany has finally undertaken epochal decisions to uphold the values of the international order by supporting Ukraine.

    Dr. Samir Saran

    Routledge Studies in Security and Conflict Management | Routledge | 02/2022

    International Negotiation and Political Narratives: A Comparative Study

    Prof. Amrita Narlikar and Prof. Fen Hampson are the editors of this book, which in 16 chapters shows that political narratives can promote or thwart the prospects for international cooperation and are major factors in international negotiation processes in the 21st century.


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