Call for Papers: “Journal of Politics in Latin America” Accepts Articles for New Special Issue on Democratic Representation

This Special Issue of JPLA aims to bring together articles analysing the prospects for and ongoing challenges to democratic representation in Latin America from a variety of perspectives.

  • We welcome papers with a focus on:

    • political parties, their (in)ability to challenge populism (and the personalisation of political offer) as well as to channel popular demands

    • party systems, increasing instability and volatility

    • contentious politics, the positive and negative effects of social protest and social movements on democratic representation

    • public opinion, the declining trust in democracy and in traditional representative institutions

    • institutional design and engineering as a potential way to deal with problems of representation: namely, the impact of mechanisms of direct democracy, democratic innovations, and new forms of descriptive representation

    • the political economy of democratic disaffection, which will examine the relationship between socio-economic factors and democratic representation

    Both cross-country and single-case studies are welcome. The accepted articles will be available online via Open Access, after having completed the peer-review process. They can take the form of a regular research article (max. 10,000 words) or a research note (min. 4,000 and max. 6,000 words), but they must offer a substantial empirical contribution in both cases. Please pay attention to the following deadlines:

    10 November 2022: Presentation of a one- to two-page abstract, describing the purpose of the article, the data, and the methodology. Please email your abstract to Natalia Chudoba.

    15 November 2022: Based on the abstract, we will invite authors to submit the full manuscript.

    15 February 2023: Submission of the full manuscript, which will be sent out for peer review.

    The processing of the manuscripts will be done through JPLA’s website and following the peer-reviewed rules as applied to regular manuscript submissions (available here).

    We look forward to your proposals!

    Rossana Castiglioni and Mariana Llanos (JPLA Editors)

    JPLA is part of the GIGA Journal Family. In its four journals, the GIGA publishes high-quality contributions from researchers around the world: In addition to JPLA, these are: Africa Spectrum, the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, and the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs. All contributions are published in English and undergo a multi-stage, anonymised peer-review process. In addition, internationally staffed scientific advisory boards ensure the quality of the journals’ output. The GIGA Journal Family is published by SAGE Publishing, continuing the “platinum standard” of the Open Access model.


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