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Making China Great Again? Political and Economic Implications of the 20th Chinese Communist Party Congress




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  • Starting on 16 October 2022, the Chinese Communist Party will hold its 20th National Congress. At this pivotal meeting, Xi Jinping is expected to secure an unprecedented third term as state president, allowing him to stay on as paramount leader of the Party, the government, and the military. In addition to cementing Xi’s personal power, the Party Congress also marks a new stage in terms of consolidating Party ideology and control. Furthermore, it will offer clues on how the leadership intends to tackle the unparalleled conjunction of domestic and international challenges in the years ahead. In this GIGA Forum, experts will offer their interpretations of this watershed event, discuss its political and economic implications, and assess the prospects for the country’s further global ascent.


    Lance Liangping Gore, PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow at the East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, working on China’s political economy and comparative politics, including the CCP’s ideology and elite politics.

    Dr. Margot Schüller is a Senior Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies and an expert on China’s economic and technological transition, its global interactions, and its research cooperation with Europe.

    Dr. Sebastian Biba is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, and currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney, working on China’s international relations and geopolitics.


    Prof. Dr. Heike Holbig is a Senior Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies and Editor of the GIGA Focus Asia, as well as Chair for East Asian Politics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main.


    Dr. David Kuehn

    Senior Research Fellow / Coordinator GIGA Forum

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