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New Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2/2022

This issue of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs covers topics such as the Chinese crisis communication during the COVID-pandemic, crisis management and involvement of civil society organisations, Chinese textbooks and the youth, migrant’s political rights in Taiwan, and Britain's China policy.

  • Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 51, No. 2 (2022)

    Research Articles

    • Maximilian Ernst, Cesare Scartozzi, Ceinwen Thomas, Yigong Wang: Chinese Crisis Communication in the Early Stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Discourse Analysis of People's Daily News Articles in Response to Threatening International News Coverage Abstract | PDF

    • Isabella Jackson, Siyi Du: The Impact of History Textbooks on Young Chinese People's Understanding of the Past: A Social Media Analysis Abstract | PDF

    • Jingnan Liu: Selection of China's Top Leadership Cadre: The Roles of Supreme Leaders, Factional Networks, and Candidate Attributes Abstract | PDF

    • Lara Momesso: “I Vote so I am”: Marriage Migrants’ Political Participation in Taiwan Abstract | PDF

    • Orna Naftali: “Law Does Not Come Down From Heaven”: Youth Legal Socialisation Approaches in Chinese Textbooks of the Xi Jinping Era Abstract | PDF


    • Reza Hasmath, Timothy Hildebrandt, Jessica C. Teets, Jennifer Y. J. Hsu, Carolyn L. Hsu: Citizens’ Expectations for Crisis Management and the Involvement of Civil Society Organisations in China Abstract | PDF

    • Zeno Leoni: The End of the “Golden Era”? The Conundrum of Britain's China Policy Amidst Sino-American Relations Abstract | PDF

    Review Article

    • Straton Papagianneas: Towards Smarter and Fairer Justice? A Review of the Chinese Scholarship on Building Smart Courts and Automating Justice Abstract | PDF


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