With its events series, the GIGA regularly presents research results and discusses both global trends and developments in the regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

  • GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series | 12/09/2023 - 12/12/2023

    Global Digital Transformation

    The GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series brings leading minds in academia and policy from all over the world to the Institute to stimulate public exchange on key global developments. In 2023, we tackle the global digital transformation from diverse angles and offer innovative perspectives on this societal re-alignment. Upcoming next, 12 December: Prof. Dr. Olubukola S. Adesina will speak on "Digital Diplomacy and African Countries: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Prospects ".

    All GIGA Events

    The GIGA shares current findings and differentiated analyses of world events with politicians, the media, and the public. In various event formats, the GIGA maintains an exchange with leading international academics, politicians, economists, and the general public.

    Joint discussion with University of Hamburg | 20/11/2023

    Designing Effective Policy Interventions on Treatable Infectious Diseases

    Infectious diseases such as syphilis are highly treatable. But if ignored, they can have devastating consequences, as in the dramatic rise of congenital syphilis among newborns at the Colombia-Venezuela border. But how can health services best reach and treat populations at risk, including undocumented migrants? A multidisciplinary pilot project yields promising results that could help save lives.

    Cooperation Event | 13/11/2023 - 14/11/2023

    Skills for Sustainability in Global Supply Chains

    The Research Network on Sustainable Global Supply Chains partners with the Forum on Globalization and Industrialization (FGI), and the Learning and Knowledge Development Facility (LKDF) to convene a Forum organized under the theme “Skills for Sustainability in Global Supply Chains”.The event will take place on 13 and 14 November 2023 at the Vienna International Centre (VIC), in a hybrid format.


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