A Sustainable Investment Compact with Africa




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From left to right: Jan Hofmeyr, Jane Karonga, Dr. Ulrich Bartsch, Apl. Prof. Dr. Jann Lay
© GIGA / Ann-Kathrin Benner
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From left to right: Jan Hofmeyr, Jane Karonga, Dr. Ulrich Bartsch, Apl. Prof. Dr. Jann Lay
© GIGA / Ann-Kathrin Benner

  • Prior to the G20 summit in Hamburg, the German G20 presidency will hold a separate conference entitled "Partnership with Africa" in Berlin in early June. Sustainable and inclusive economic progress in Africa was declared a priority concern by the German G20 presidency. A key initiative to achieve this end is the G20’s “Compact with Africa,” which aims at boosting private-sector investment and encouraging investment in infrastructure in African countries.

    Although there is little disagreement about the need to significantly scale up infrastructure investment in Africa (including through private funding), the exact terms and conditions of a sustainable investment compact that is capable of making a real difference on the ground in Africa’s diverse economies remain a point of debate. While the focus on increasing investment is welcome, African development strategies to have to look beyond economic growth alone. A compact with Africa will require a coherent set of policy actions that explicitly reference priorities within the African Agenda 2063 and the 2030 Agenda frameworks.

    Engaging in a meaningful and inclusive discourse with African stakeholders will be a core ingredient for success in this regard. The GIGA event will offer an excellent opportunity to discuss the issues raised above and foster dialogue between African and German experts in the field.

    Introduction and moderation: Apl. Prof. Dr. Jann Lay, Acting Director of the GIGA Institute for African Affairs

    Speakers: Dr. Ulrich Bartsch, Adviser to the G20 Task Force, German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) Jan Hofmeyr, Head of the Policy and Analysis Programme, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR), South Africa Jane Karonga, Economic Affairs Officer at the Regional Integration and Trade Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

    The GIGA Talk will be held in English. Seating is limited; please confirm your participation by 8 May 2017 at:

    Unfortunately, the venue is not wheelchair accessible.


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