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Towards Comparative Area Studies 2.0



    Ariel Ahram (Virginia Tech), Patrick Köllner (GIGA/Universität Hamburg) and Rudra Sil (University of Pennsylvania) are organising a series of web-based seminars on advances in Comparative Area Studies (CAS 2.0) starting in March 2021. These webinars will culminate in a final book workshop at the GIGA in Hamburg, planned for spring 2022. Numerous well-known scholars from Europe, North America and beyond are participating in this event cum publication initiative.

    Webinar Series only for invited workshop participants.


    CAS 2.0 Webinar Series and Bookmaking Workshop (programme as of 5 March 2021)

    4-5 March 2021: Kick-off sessions

    Thursday, 4 March, 5:00‒7:15 p.m. CET

    Brief introduction to the workshop series

    Ariel A. Ahram (Virginia Tech), Patrick Köllner (GIGA and Universität Hamburg), Rudra Sil (University of Pennsylvania).

    Analytical Issues

    Causal Explanation with Ideal Types: Opportunities for Comparative Area Studies Ryan Saylor (Unversity of Tulsa)

    Crossing the Boundaries of Comparison: Comparative Area Studies and Comparative Historical Analysis Amel Ahmed (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

    Friday, 5 March, 5:00‒7:00 p.m. CET

    Advancing Theory Development in Comparative Area Studies: Practical Recommendations for Testing the Generalizability of Causal Mechanisms Marissa Brookes (University of California, Riverside) and Jesse Dillon Savage ( Trinity College Dublin)

    The Best of Both Worlds? The Case for Multi-Methods Research in Comparative Area Studies Matthias Basedau (GIGA and Universität Hamburg) and David Kuehn (GIGA)

    Thursday, 29 April 2021, 5:00‒7:00 p.m. CET Capacity Building and Institutional Issues

    Comparative Area Studies: Programs, Department, Constraints, and Opportunities Tom Pepinsky (Cornell University, Ithaca/New York)

    Making CAS Work: An Institutional and Organizational Perspective Ariel A. Ahram (Virginia Tech, Arlington)

    Friday, 11 June 2021, 5:00‒7:00 p.m. CET Intra- and Cross-Regional Applications

    Regions as Constructs, Regions as Sites of Comparison Erik Martinez Kuhonta (McGill University, Montreal)

    Beyond Northeast and Southeast: Developmental Asia as a Region of Clusters Dan Slater (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

    Friday, 2 July 2021, 5:00‒7:00 p.m. CET

    Developing and Testing Theory through Comparative Cases and Multilevel Analysis Roselyn Hsueh (Temple University, Philadelphia)

    Legacies of Extraction: Natural Resources and Governance in Latin America in Comparative Perspective (tbc) Erica S. Simmons (University of Wisconsin–Madison)

    September 2021, date tbd

    Presidential Term Limits: The Promises and Challenges of a Cross-Regional Comparison Mariana Llanos (GIGA)

    Critical Junctures in Encounters with Western Hegemony: A Tool for Comparative Area Studies Nora Fisher Onar (University of San Francisco)

    October 2021, date tbd

    Breaking BRICS? Comparing Brazil, China, and India in a World of Weaponised Interdependence Amrita Narlikar (GIGA and Universität Hamburg)

    November 2021, date tbd International perspectives on CAS This webinar would see colleagues from Oxford – Timothy Power (Head of the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies) will join us –, China, Russia or elsewhere engage with CAS. The contributions will not necessarily be transformed into chapters for the edited volume on CAS 2.0.

    Spring 2022 CAS 2.0 final bookmaking workshop GIGA


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