Leany Barreiro / Mariana LLanos

The Politics of Senatorial Confirmations: A Comparative Study of Argentina and Brazil

GIGA Working Paper, No. 22, May 2006

Though an important function of the Latin American senates, the confirmation of presidential nominations has drawn little academic attention. This paper assesses empirically the way in which two Latin American upper chambers – the Argentine and Brazilian senates – made use of their confirmation prerogatives between 1989 and 2003, namely, if one of deference to the executive proposals or a more active role including both consultation and oversight. To do this, the article first analyses all nominations regarding outcome (confirmed, rejected and withdrawn) and length of process. Then, the similarities and differences are used to advance some explanatory hypotheses. Special attention is paid to the impact of political factors, mainly divided government, and institutional features, mainly the senates’ internal rules for the organization of the legislative work.

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Dr. Mariana Llanos

Lead Research Fellow
Leitung FSP 1

Dr. Mariana Llanos ist Lead Research Fellow am GIGA Institut für Lateinamerika-Studien und leitet den GIGA Forschungsschwerpunkt 1 „Verantwortlichkeit und Partizipation“. In ihrer Forschung beschäftigt sie sich mit vergleichenden politischen Institutionen, insbesondere Präsidentialismus, Amtszeitbeschränkungen und Justizpolitik. Sie leitet das von der DFG geförderte Projekt „The (In)stability of Presidential Term Limits in Africa and Latin America: Assessing the Impact of Tenure-Rule Reforms on the Political Regime“.

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