Martin Beck

Oil-rent Boom in Iran?

GIGA Working Paper, No. 111, October 2009

Despite earlier assumptions that ethnicity is a central feature of African party systems, there is little substantial evidence for this claim. The few studies with an empirical foundation rarely rely on individual data and are biased in favor of Anglophone Africa. This paper looks at four Francophone countries, drawing on four representative survey polls in Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. Multivariate regression models and bivariate control tools reveal that ethnicity matters as a determinant of party preference, but that its impact is generally rather weak and differs with regard to party systems and individual parties. "Ethnic parties" in the strict sense are almost completely absent, and only the Beninese party system is substantially "ethnicized." In particular, regional ties between voters and leaders—rather than ethnic affiliation alone—deserve attention in the future study of voting behavior in Africa.

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Prof. Dr. Martin Beck hat einen Lehrstuhl für gegenwartsbezogene Nahoststudien an der University of Southern Denmark (SDU) inne und ist am GIGA Institut für Nahost-Studien assoziiert. Seine Forschung erstreckt sich auf internationale Politik und politische Ökonomie, insbesondere regionale Beziehungen im Nahen Osten, den israelisch-arabischen Konflikt, regionale Erdölpolitik und die vergleichende Analyse von Rentierstaaten.

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