Daniel Flemes / Michael Radseck

Creating Multilevel Security Governance in South America

GIGA Working Paper, No. 117, December 2009

South America’s security agenda demands the simultaneous management of domestic crises, interstate conflicts and transnational threats. Though located at different systemic levels (national, international, transnational), the three conflict clusters are often interrelated and tend to overlap in the region’s border areas. The region’s policy makers, aware of this highly complex agenda and in spite of their striking differences, have tended to build regional structures of authority that coordinate, manage and rule collective responses to these threats. In addition, the unilateral, bilateral and multilateral structures and the region’s capabilities to solve conflicts have become more important than the respective inter‐American bodies over the past decade. Given this shift in the management of regional security affairs, we ask if a multilevel approach on the part of an overarching security architecture is more effective than separate governance schemes regarding each specific security threat. Since neither the traditional models of power balancing and alliance building nor the security‐community approach can sufficiently explain the region’s security dynamics, we assume and provide evidence that different systems of security governance overlap and coexist in South America.

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Dr. Daniel Flemes

Senior Research Fellow
Redaktion GIGA Focus Lateinamerika

Dr. Daniel Flemes ist Senior Research Fellow am GIGA Institut für Lateinamerika-Studien. Sein Interesse gilt insbesondere der politischen und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung Brasiliens. Derzeit forscht er zur Sicherheits- und Amazonaspolitik südamerikanischer Staaten.

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