Daniel Flemes

Brazil’s Nuclear Policy From Technological Dependence to Civil Nuclear Power

GIGA Working Paper, No. 23, June 2006

Since March 2006 Brazil has been the ninth country to control the full nuclear fuel cycle. While the U.S. government bashes the uranium enrichment activities in Iran, it has come to an arrangement with the uranium enrichment in its backyard after transitional diplomatic tensions. As signer of the Non-Proliferation Treaty Brazil has the right to enrich uranium for peaceful use. This article focuses on the political motives and objectives connected with the domination of this key technology. Brasilia has been striving for regional leadership and participation in international decision making processes. In historical perspective the Brazilian enrichment procedure marks the liberation from the technological U.S. dependence. Brazil seems to be on the way to establish itself as a civil nuclear power in international relations.

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Dr. Daniel Flemes

Senior Research Fellow
Redaktion GIGA Focus Lateinamerika

Dr. Daniel Flemes ist Herausgeber des GIGA Focus Lateinamerika und Schumpeter Fellow der Volkswagenstiftung am GIGA Institut für Lateinamerika-Studien. In seiner Forschung beschäftigt er sich mit Brasiliens Politik und Gesellschaft.

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