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Glocal Peace - Pilot Study Colombia

Peace is widely recognized as a universal goal, but it means many things to different people. The project develops a peace concept across space and time to analyse the context specific meanings of peace with an exploratory case study in Colombia.
GIZ, FES, 2019-2020

Research Questions

What is the meaning of "peace" for the Colombian population? How can peace be "measured"? What are the concequences for the promotion of peacebuilding?

Contribution to International Research

The projects emphasizes the need to analyse the variety of contexts at the subnational level and the entanglements between different levels and actors undermining or promoting peace processes.

Research Design and Methods

The concept of "glocal peace" focuses on the analysis of conflicts, local understandings of peace and three central elements for peace development (physical integrity, individual and collective human rights as well as institutions and mechanisms for civil conflict management). We apply the concept in a multilevel and mixed methods study using a national survey on the understandings of peace and qualitative case studies in eight local contexts.

Preliminary Findings

Despite highlevels of political polarization the understanding that peace is related to rights, respect and tranquility is widely shared across gender, generations, social strata and regions. Local studies provide evidence on the necessity to put an analysis of prevailing and new emerging conflicts at the center of the study of peace processes.