New Issue of PINPoints

PINPoints is the biannual online publication of PIN.

  • A new issue of PIN Points has just been published.

    PIN Points #46 covers the following issues:

    • UN Mediation in the Syrian Crisis (Part 2)

    • The Two North Korean-US Summits

    • Macedonia: The Burden of Concessions

    • Challenges to Diplomatic Negotiation

    • Hardline and Reconciling Negotiation

    • Reconciliation as a Constant Negotiation

    • Organizational Change as a Multilateral Negotiation Process

    This year’s PIN Conference on “Narratives and Negotiations” was developed by Professor Amrita Narlikar (GIGA / Universität Hamburg) and Professor Fen Osler Hampson (Carleton University). An impressive round of international scholars and practitioners found together to exchange expertise and shed light on the role of narratives in international negotiation processes. The results of this fruitful discussion are planned to be published. The book project is underway.

    The outcome of the PIN 2018 Conference “New Diplomacy for New Types of Conflict” has been published as a special issue in the renowned journal “Global Policy”. Thanks to funding from the GIGA and GLOBSEC, a think tank based in Bratislava,the issue was made available through open access and may be downloaded here.

    About PIN The Processes of International Negotiation (PIN) network is a non-profit group of scholars and practitioners that encourages and organises research on a broad spectrum of topics related to international negotiation seen as a process. Its objectives include the dissemination of new knowledge about negotiation as widely as possible, and fostering collaboration between scholars and practitioners interested in the subject, for the purpose of improving analysis and practice of negotiation worldwide.


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