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Journal | 01.04.2021

Neues Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 1/2021

Diese Ausgabe des Journal of Current Chinese Affairs befasst sich mit verschiedenen Visionen von Internet in China, wie dem „Freien Internet“, sowie mit den digitalen Entwicklungen des Landes.

    Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 50, No. 1 (2021)


    • Barbara Schulte, Marina Svensson: Of Visions and Visionaries: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in China Abstract | PDF

    Research Articles

    • Stefan Brehm: Whose Vision Is It Anyway? The “Free Internet” in Chinese State Media Abstract | PDF

    • Christian Göbel, Jie Li: From Bulletin Boards to Big Data: The Origins and Evolution of Public Complaint Websites in China Abstract | PDF

    • Marina Svensson: “Crazy Jack” and the “Gay CEO”: Visions, Entrepreneurship, and the Chinese State in the New Digital Economy Abstract | PDF

    • Annika Pissin: The Social Construction of Internet Addiction in China: Youth between Reality and Temporal Autonomy in the Documentary Web Junkie Abstract | PDF