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Journal | 15.08.2020

Neues Africa Spectrum 2/2020

Die aktuelle Ausgabe des Africa Spectrum beinhaltet Analysen zu Themen wie partizipative Medienkulturen in Kenia und der Auswirkung der COVID-19-Maßnahmen auf die Märkte in Ghana sowie den Aufruf zu neuen Perspektiven in der Afrikaforschung. Africa Spectrum Vol. 55, No. 2 (2020)


  • Leonardo Arriola, Julia Grauvogel: New Voices, New Perspectives Abstract | PDF

Research Articles

  • Mi Yung Yoon: Voters’ Perceptions of Gender Differences in Vote Buying: The Case of Tanzania Abstract | PDF

  • Lynete Lusike Mukhongo: Participatory Media Cultures: Virality, Humour, and Online Political Contestations in Kenya Abstract | PDF

Analytical Reports

  • Lewis Abedi Asante, Richael Odarko Mills: Exploring the Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Marketplaces in Urban Ghana Abstract | PDF

  • Sören Scholvin: Endogenous Obstacles to Development in Global Value Chains: Insights From the Oil and Gas Sector Abstract | PDF

  • Matthias Basedau: Rethinking African Studies: Four Challenges and the Case for Comparative African Studies Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Julia Pauli: Book review: Transfers of Belonging: Child Fostering in West Africa in the 20th Century Abstract | PDF

  • Antje Daniel: Book Review: Inequality, Socio-Cultural Differentiation and Social Structures in Africa Abstract | PDF