Against all Odds – Youth in Post-War Societies

  • In many postwar contexts youths are seen as a problem not as an important actor por peacebuilding. The projects analyses what challenges young people face regarding their transitions to adulthood and what enables or limits their participation. Results are based on a medium N-study on 21 postwar contexts and three indepth case studies (El Salvador, Nicaragua, South Africa). The main result is that youth face a generational bottleneck as adults who fought the war still dominate in society, politics, and the economy.
    BMZ, 2013-2017


    Christoph Heuser

    Ehemals Associate

    Photo Voice Project

    **Photo Voice Project** What are the life-realities of youth in postwar societies? The following photos were taken by participants of focus group discussions in El Salvador, Nicaragua and South Africa in January/February 2015 or by our case study authors. Use the inserted arrows on the left and the right to flick through the images.

    Against all Odds – Youth in Post-War Societies
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    Against all Odds – Youth in Post-War Societies