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Welcome to the GIGA Doctoral Programme! The GIGA has a long tradition of integrating doctoral students into its institutional and research life, which culminated in the establishment of the GIGA Doctoral Programme. It offers an international working and learning environment for doctoral students wishing to pursue research in a structured yet flexible programme with close individual supervision and tailored training.

Our programme currently hosts around 40 talented young researchers, working on diverse topics and being active members of the institute’s research community. The institutional setting allows them to branch out into different research fields and to gain experience in a variety of academic approaches.

With a high-quality training programme as well as research colloquia and other formats for exchange, the GIGA Doctoral Programme facilitates students to conduct independent research, engage in academic debates, and acquire key skills for a successful academic career. We support our doctoral students in their individual development – as they establish their publication records, organise research stays abroad, and attend international conferences – towards a successful completion of their doctoral degree.

The GIGA Doctoral Programme staff is responsible for administering and developing the programme as well as supporting doctoral students in successfully accomplishing their research projects and developing career perspectives in academia. In addition, our doctoral students enjoy the right to self-administrate their internal matters as a group, including holding a general assembly and electing student representatives. We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our programme, our students, and possible ways for you to join us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DP staff or our student representatives.


Research, Structure, and Training

As a doctoral student in the GIGA Doctoral Programme you will find ideal working conditions in an international environment that facilitates innovative research, offers comprehensive training, and provides excellent possibilities for individual development.

Application and Funding

If you are looking for the opportunity to pursue research in a structured yet flexible programme with close individual supervision and tailored training, you are welcome to apply to the GIGA Doctoral Programme. Doctoral students join our programme either as self-funded fellows or as fellows working in one of the GIGA’s third-party funded projects. In addition, we offer the possibility to stay at the institute as a visiting doctoral researcher.

Networks and Partners

The GIGA is a member of the Leibniz Association, which connects 96 independent research institutes from various disciplines that address issues of social, economic and ecological relevance. Around 4,000 PhD students are supervised at Leibniz Association institutes in collaboration with partner universities. The Leibniz PhD Network promotes exchange among doctoral researchers within the Leibniz Association.

The GIGA Doctoral Programme cooperates closely with a number of universities that award the doctoral degree to our doctoral students.