Training at the GIGA

Expanding and renewing knowledge is a constant part of scholarly and administrative work. The GIGA therefore enables its employees to continually develop themselves.

To achieve this, the GIGA offers different options, which are based on the interests of its employees. The GIGA Doctoral Programme offers a comprehensive course programme ( that includes courses on theory, methods and research design as well as its own seminar series (Global Approach to CAS Series) on the global approach. Soft skills training such as presentation and moderation techniques or media training is also part of the course programme, which is open to all staff of the institute. In addition, the GIGA offers regular English and German language courses.

The GIGA regularly evaluates the accuracy of fit of the internal training in order to continuously expand and develop the offers based on the needs of its employees.

In addition to the internal training offers, staff can attend external training possibilities and specialised courses, for which they can apply for financial support from the GIGA. The Academic Development Manager offers assistance in finding suitable offers.