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  • The GIGA is a port of call for top researchers from all over the world. Based on our conviction that global challenges necessitate global answers, we are interested in intensive academic exchange with like-minded scholars. Such exchange provides both the GIGA and the visiting fellows with new impetus, valuable knowledge, and expanded perspectives for their research.

    The visiting fellows value the institute’s interdisciplinary, pluralistic approach, which is evident in its research, in the distribution of its findings, and in its internal structures. Like the GIGA researchers, the visiting fellows are integrated into one of the four regional institutes and at least one research programme. The length of guest stays ranges from one week to several years.

    Many internationally recognised top scholars have spent time as visiting fellows at the GIGA in the course of their careers and have published in influential expert journals as a result of the insights they have gained. Their research includes topics such as security policy in Latin America, social protests in China, the crises in the Middle East, and the role of increasing populism in international relations.

    Scholarship recipients from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service, and other renowned organisations choose the GIGA as the host facility for their research projects. According to the current Humboldt Ranking, we place in the top quarter of all non-university research institutions. The GIGA provides institutional support for such funding applications.

    The GIGA is among the winners of the Humboldt competition on Research Alumni Strategies. The competition is a part of the „Research in Germany Initiative".


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    How to Become a Visiting Fellow at the GIGA

    The GIGA Visiting Research Fellowship is open to outstanding postdoctoral researchers with a focus on global transitions who are engaged in comparative and interdisciplinary research. The GIGA is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We welcome applications from candidates who

    As a visiting fellow you will be fully integrated in the GIGA’s research matrix: you will be part of one of our regional institutes and of at least one research programme. You will benefit from

    • a vibrant research environment and a global approach to scholarship, in an international team of political scientists, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, and historians;

    • exposure to exclusive policy-advising activities;

    • access to the GIGA Information Centre, Germany’s largest library on area and comparative area studies; and

    • a well-established international scholar network.

    Please be aware that we do not offer funded fellowships. However, we are happy to support your application for external funding with the above-mentioned institutions and are curious to hear about your ideas.

    Please contact a potential facilitator at the GIGA to back your candidacy and provide him/her with the necessary documentation on your endeavour. If you have not been in touch with the GIGA to date and would like to become a visiting fellow, please send a detailed outline of your research plans, providing compelling arguments for their potential contribution to the GIGA’s work, to As the GIGA only takes in a limited number of visiting fellows per year, please make sure to apply well in advance.

    If you are a PhD student and would like to become a doctoral visiting fellow at the GIGA, please refer to the information provided here (Application and Funding (


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