Jessica Johansson


  • Short CV

    • Since 04/2021: Associate at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies

    • 08/2020 - 03/2021: Project Manager at Kraftbyrån on the project Youth and Covid-19

    • 09/2019 - 03/2020: Researcher at Center for Advanced Research and Postgraduate Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS), field project in Ecuador

    • 01/2019 - 09/2019: Research Fellow at the GIGA in the International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes (IDCAR) Network

    • 03/2018 - 12/2018: Research Assistant at GIGA in the IDCAR Network and for the Global State Revenues and Expenditures (GSRE) Dataset

    • 09/2017 - 01/2018: Intern at the Americas Department at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Government Offices of Sweden

    • 10/2016 - 08/2017: Research Assistant at GIGA in the IDCAR Network

    • Education: M.A. of Science in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, University of Hamburg; B.A. of Science in Political Science at Uppsala University; Political Science and Latin American Studies at Universidad Central de Chile, Santiago

    Current Research

    • Shrinking civic spaces and covid-19

    • Authoritarianism and democratic backsliding

    • Civil and political rights

    • Business and human rights

    • Accountability and transparency

    Countries and Regions

    • International focus

    • Latin America

    • Ecuador

    Jessica Johansson


    Speaker | 26/02/2020

    Restrictions on Civil Society: A Warning Signal for the Decline of Democracy?

    Cooperation Event 26/02/2020

    Speaker | 26/03/2019

    Regulate or Restrict? Classifying Legislation on Foreign Funding for Civil Society Organisations

    Berlin Social Science Center Berlin: 26/03/2019

    APIR Seminar


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