Andrew Crawford

Doctoral Researcher

Andrew Crawford

  • Short CV

    • Since 2021: Research Fellow and lead developer of GIGAset Research Data Management platform
    • Since 2020: Doctoral Researcher at GIGA Institute for African Affairs

    • 2017 - 2021: GIGA Student Research Assistant

    • Since 2014: Research Fellow - Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion - University of California, Irvine

    • 2012 - 2014: Instructor and Research Assistant, Monash University, Melbourne

    • 2010 - 2012: Data analytics advisor, Cambodia Microfinance Association, Phnom Penh

    • 2009 - 2010: Instructor, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

    • Education:
      -M.Sc. in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, Universität Hamburg
      -B.Com. (Honours) Economics and Finance, Monash University

    Current Research

    • Primary Interests
      • Development policy
      • Microfinance and mobile money
      • Economic inequality
      • Democratization
    • Secondary interests
      • Economic history
      • Theories of money
      • Digitalization

    Countries and Regions

    • Cambodia

    • Kenya


    • Money as a Pharmakon: Critically Evaluating Digital Financial Inclusion

    Andrew Crawford

    Doctoral Researcher

    Chapter in Edited Volume | 11/2023

    International Events and Social Media Activities on X (formerly Twitter): Towards the Establishment of a Monitoring Dashboard

    In diesem Beitrag des MOTRA Monitor 2022 wird ein Dashboard zum Monitoring der Einflüsse von internationalen Ereignissen auf Aktivitäten von Nutzern in soziale Medien vorgestellt.

    Julian Hohner

    Simon Greipl

    Heidi Schulze

    Web Publication | 11/2022

    Narrative map on "COVID-19 and Dynamics of (Post)War Violence"

    The pandemic altered the opportunity structures of state and non-state armed actors, exacerbated grievances, prompted new investments in services provision, and created new spaces for cooperation, thereby affecting the dynamics of violence across different dimensions and time horizons.

    Research Project | 01/12/2019 - 30/11/2024

    Monitoring System and Transfer Platform Radicalisation (MOTRA)

    "Monitoring System and Transfer Platform Radicalization" (MOTRA) is a research association in the context of civil security research (zivile Sicherheitsforschung) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project was created as part of the establishment of a top-level research cluster for the early detection, prevention and combating of Islamic extremism and terrorism and will be a central point of contact over a period of five years.
    BMBF, 2019-2024

    Welt-Sichten | Interview | 13/12/2022

    Wird Kenia zum Vorbild für gute Wahltechnik?

    Kenia hat bei den Präsidentschafts- und Parlamentswahlen im August 2022 für mehr Transparenz und damit Akzeptanz der Ergebnisse gesorgt – mit einer Kombination von Wahlzetteln und digitaler Kontrolle.

    Conference | 07/03/2024 - 08/03/2024

    Evaluating Political Stances and Radical Narratives on X (formerly Twitter): A German Politician Sentiment Analysis

    MOTRA Jahreskonferenz 2024, Hochschule Fresenius, Wiesbaden Andrew Crawford (Speaker), Dr. Thomas Richter (Speaker)

    By analysing data from X, this research paints a picture of the German political landscape to gain an insight into trends and patterns of politician stances and emotions relating to certain political.


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