Amrita Narlikar / Cecilia Emma Sottilotta

Pandemic Narratives and Policy Responses: West European Governments and COVID-19

Journal of European Public Policy | 2021

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    Journal of European Public Policy







    Ass. Prof. Dr. Cecilia Emma Sottilotta

    The American University of Rome

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 7/2021

    Raisi’s Foreign Policy: Pragmatic Revolutionism and the Iranian Pivot to Asia

    This GIGA Focus sheds light on the new Iranian conservative president Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi, and his doctrine of “pragmatic revolutionism.” The author analyses what the Iranian Asia-oriented foreign policy entails geopolitically and geoeconomically, and suggests how the multilateralist tendencies can be used by policymakers.

    Policy Paper | 11/2021

    Why a Narrative of the #PandemicOfTheUnvaccinated Risks Prolonging the Pandemic

    Prof. Amrita Narlikar and Dr. Cecilia Sottilotta discuss in this paper the responsibility of unvaccinated people for the sudden rise in Covid 19 cases in Europe. This article was republished in Global Policy Blog (24.11.2021) and translated into Hindi (8.12.2021).

    Cecilia Emma Sottilotta

    Formerly Visiting Fellow

    Blog Article | 08/2021

    ‘Pandemic Narratives’ are Key to Understanding the Policy Responses of European Governments to Covid-19

    Prof. Amrita Narlikar and Prof. Cecilia Sottilotta provide an insight into their research on narratives that governments developed to explain COVID-19 related policy responses. The full article is published in the Journal of European Public Policy as part of the special issue "Global Crisis: Policy Responses to COVID-19".

    Cecilia Emma Sottilotta

    Formerly Visiting Fellow


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