Christopher Martínez / Mariana Llanos / Raymond Tatalovich

Impeaching the President: Mapping the Political Landscape in the House of Representatives

Congress & the Presidency | 2021

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    Congress & the Presidency

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Christopher Martínez

    Prof. Dr. Raymond Tatalovich

    GIGA Focus Latin America | 4/2021

    The Political Limits of Presidential Impeachment: Lessons from Latin America

    In presidential democracies, impeachment proceedings are an important mechanism for controlling executive powers. GIGA expert Prof. Mariana Llanos and Prof. Leiv Marsteintredet show in the GIGA Focus that impeachment proceedings can, however, also open the door to party-political interests and opportunism.

    Prof. Dr. Mariana Llanos

    Lead Research Fellow / Head of RP 1

    Prof. Dr. Leiv Marsteintredet


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