Nicole Hirt / Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad

Eritrea’s Self-Reliance Narrative and the Remittance Paradox: Reflections on Thirty Years of Retrogression

Remittances Review | 2021

  • Research Project | 01/02/2018 - 31/01/2021

    Do Diasporas Contribute to the Persistence of Authoritarian Rule? Responses of Eritrean Citizens Abroad to Transnational Governance

    Globalization has witnessed an increase in the transnationalization of politics - a severely understudied subject in political science. The project’s main research question is if diasporas can stabilize authoritarian regimes. It explores diaspora responses to efforts of home regimes to exploit and control its citizens abroad. It examines how the political systems of host states influence political affiliations regarding homeland politics by comparing the transnational relations of Eritrean diaspora communities residing in five different countries.
    DFG, 2018-2021

    Dr. Milena Belloni

    Prof. Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad

    Dr. Tanja Müller


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