Christian Wirth

Emotions, International Hierarchy, and the Problem of Solipsism in Sino-US South China Sea Politics

International Relations | 2020

  • Contemporary Security Policy | 02/2022

    Filling the Void: The Asia-Pacific Problem of Order and Emerging Indo-Pacific Regional Multilateralism

    Policy makers have converged on the need to safeguard the “rules-based order” across the newly coined “Indo-Pacific” region. However, it is not clear, what exactly is to be preserved, and why the contested terms have rapidly found their way into policy debates. An analysis.

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Nicole Jenne

    GIGA Focus Asia | 1/2022

    How to Anchor Germany’s Drifting Indo-Pacific Policy

    Naval deployments have taken centre stage in the implementation of Indo-Pacific policies. Yet, as the voyage of the frigate “Bayern” exemplifies, the German, similar to other European policies, suffers from contradictions that are hidden under the “rules-based order” label.


    In search of the rules-based order: Europe’s evolving Indo-Pacific approach

    European University Institute Fiesole: 16/12/2021


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