Liesbet Hooghe / Tobias Lenz / Gary Marks

Contested World Order: The Delegitimation of International Governance

Review of International Organizations | 2018

  • Journal

    Review of International Organizations

    Prof. Dr. Liesbet Hooghe

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Prof. Dr. Tobias Lenz

    Associate / Head of Leibniz Junior Research Group

    Prof. Dr. Gary Marks

    GIGA Focus Global | 4/2021

    Claimed Legitimacy: Appreciating the Diversity of Regional Organisations

    Regional organisations (ROs) are key actors in global and regional governance, and their authority has continuously grown in all world regions. In the face of growing contestation and politicization, these ROs increasingly justify their right to rule. The GIGA Focus Global analyses their legitimation patterns.


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