Katrin Hansing

Race and Inequality in Cuba

Current History | 2018

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    Prof. Dr. Katrin Hansing

    Formerly Associate


    Research Project | 01/01/2016 - 31/08/2021

    The Return of Race-based Inequalities in Contemporary Cuba: Analysing the Impact of Past Migration and Current Reforms

    Few political transformations have attacked social inequalities more thoroughly than the 1959 Cuban Revolution. The research project addresses to what extent and through what mechanisms structural inequalities have been returning in recent years which echo Cuba’s pre-revolutionary socio-ethnic hierarchies. To this end, a unique nationwide survey with more than one thousand respondents is carried out. As access to hard currency becomes key, racialized migration patterns of the past make for highly unequal access to family remittances, and also the gradual opening of private business disfavors Afro-Cubans.
    DFG, 2016-2021

    Prof. Dr. Katrin Hansing

    Prof. Dr. Alejandro De la Fuente

    Eric Hershberg


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