In order to achieve the widest possible dissemination of GIGA research, our researchers publish their work not only in academic journals, but also in policy advisory journals. In addition, they contribute to thematic anthologies and write articles for academic blogs.

  • Infographic | 09/2023

    How to deal with Non-state Armed Actors

    Dealing with NSAAs is complicated and complex shifting between repression and dialogue. NSAAs are highly flexibkle and able to adapt to changing local and global contexts. Policies must be comprehensive and include local communities as well as structural drivers of violence.

    Yannick Deepen

    Former GIGA Team member

    Blog Article | 08/2023

    A Rose By Any Other Name?: In Defence of the “Global South”

    Nora Kürzdörfer and Amrita Narlikar discuss the utility of the term "Global South" and call for a recognition of the Global South’s umbrella identity, along with key differentiations within it.

    Internationale Politik | 08/2023

    Was ist schon ein Name?

    Vereinfachungen und Kategorisierungen sind allgegenwärtig, siehe „der Westen“ – nur beim Globalen Süden soll das nicht gelten? Warum man an diesem Begriff festhalten sollte. Eine Reaktion auf das IP-Titelthema im Juli/August.

    Open Access

    Open Access

    The concept of "open access" has empowered the GIGA to virtually eliminate the financial, technical, and legal barriers normally faced by many of those seeking to access the institute’s research findings. This publication strategy ensures that people all around the world have equal opportunities to keep up with scholarly advances.

    Open Access at the GIGA


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