Nadine Ansorg / Sabine Kurtenbach

Institutional Reforms and Peacebuilding: Change, Path-Dependency and Societal Divisions in Post-War Communities

Studies in Conflict | Routledge | 2017

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    Studies in Conflict

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    Development and Peacebuilding

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    Abingdon/New York

    Elements in International Relations | Cambridge University Press | 11/2023

    Building Pathways to Peace: State–Society Relations and Security Sector Reform

    Local actors should be involved in peacebuilding processes and security sector reforms (SSR). The book presents a feminist and intersectoral conceptualisation of SSR as well as quantitative and qualitative findings from 42 post-conflict societies as well as from Afghanistan and Colombia. Open Access until 11 December 2023!

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 3/2023

    Mosque Geopolitics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Focus examines the extent, contours, and impact of the foreign funding of mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the end of the Bosnian war of 1992–1995. It presents the different actors involved and highlights the implications of this funding in terms of architectural and religious practices.

    Robin Cognée

    Former Visiting Fellow


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