In Brief | 07/07/2022

News of the GIGA Doctoral Programme

Learn more about the activities of our Doctoral Researchers in the past month.

    • Hannes Greve successfully defended his dissertation titled “Climate Change Mitigation and Economic Development” at the Georg- August University of Göttingen. Congratulations!

    • Clara Franco Yáñez successfully defended her dissertation titled “Pathways to Dialogue: Mapping Norm Contestation in the Debate about Legal Abortion in Mexico from 2007 to 2021” at the University of Hamburg. Congratulations!

    • Juliana Tappe Ortiz participated in the NEPS (Network of European Peace Scientists) conference in London and presented her paper on “How Leaders’ Prior Combat Experience Influences the Likelihood of Peace Agreements in Civil Conflicts“. She also interviewed ex-rebel leader Joaquín Villalobos from El Salvador for her PhD Thesis.

    • Juliana Tappe Ortiz and Julia Köbrich published a paper for GIGA Focus Africa titled “Queen Mothers: Women in Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa.” The paper can be read here.

    • Rafael Castro is attending the WISC Conference (World International Studies Committee) in Buenos Aires. He is presenting a paper on “The never-ending story: A poststructuralist account of regional disintegration in South America and Colombia’s exit from UNASUR” and will also be discussant at another panel.

    • Anna Fünfgeld participates in a panel at the EuroSEAS (European Association for South- east Asian Studies) Conference in Paris.


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