In Brief | 30/03/2023

News of the GIGA Doctoral Programme

Learn more about the activities of our Doctoral Researchers in the past month.

  • Registration for the Summer Term Courses are now open! You can find all courses here, a link to register is available in the description of the respective course. The deadline to register is 10 April 2023.

    Mira Demirdirek and Hamid Talebian presented their paper titled “Strengthening the Bromance: the war against Ukraine as an opportunity for Turkey and Iran in Africa” on a panel about “Turkey and Its Current Role(s)” at the International Conference on Humanitarian Narratives and Interventions from the Contemporary Middle East in Lisbon. Hamid also finished a (mobile) archival fieldwork that he had been conducting for the past three months, since December 2022 in collaboration with a researcher based in Teheran at the National Archive of Iran.

    At the same conference Ardahan Özkan Gedikli presented a paper titled “Turkish Public Diplomacy in Africa: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Erdogan’s Narratives“.

    Houssein Al Malla presented his paper titled “Leadership Traits & Personality as Determinants of Sanction Outcomes: The Case of Sanctions Imposed on Iran” at the fourth Scientific Meeting of the German Political Psychology Network in Bielefeld.

    At the ISA (International Studies Association) in Montréal this March, Hana Attia presented the paper “When and how do US presidents terminate sanctions? The effect of domestic factors on US sanctions policy” at a Panel about Political Economy and Conflict Processes, she also presented the paper “Divert When It Does Not Hurt: The Initiation of Economic Sanctions by US Presidents from 1989 to 2015” at the following Panel: International Security: United States Security Policy and was a participant at the “What are the Stakes of the Russia Sanctions: What is new, what is not, and what are the implications? Perspectives from Europe and North America“ Panel.

    Also at ISA, within the „The Politics of Inter-organizational Interactions” Panel, Mona Saleh presented a paper titled ““The Consequences of Institutional Overlap for Interorganizational Security Cooperation”, which she co-authored with Niklas Krösche.

    A full list of GIGA Contributions to the ISA 2023 can be viewed here.

    Visiting doctoral researcher Ana Tereza Duarte Lima de Barros published a number of articles, including on anti-democratic movement in Brazil, which can be read here (in Portuguese), A retrospective on the Bolsonaro Years, and an article on elected anti-democratic movements. She was also a speaker on the Twitter Spaces promoted by “Red de Politólogias” on the occasion of their 7th anniversary.

    Eduardo Tamaki successfully presented at his first-year doctoral board, and got accepted to present papers at the American Political Science Association (APSA), the Political Studies Association (PSA) and the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA). Additionally, he got invited to be a discussant at the International Political Science Association (IPSA) 2023 panel on democratic and anti-democratic political culture, a session on democratization in comparative perspective. Furthermore, Eduardo co-authored the article “Women and working in healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil: bullying of colleagues”, which can be read here.

    Alina Ripplinger was invited to give a commentary for the Latin American Advisor on the topic of Nicaragua releasing imprisoned government opponents and deporting them to the United States, the article can be read here.

    Diba Mirzaei participated in the “Konsultationsprozess: Religion, Diplomatie und Frieden” at Forschungsstätte der Evangelischen Studierendengemeinschaft (FEST) in Heidelberg on March 13 and 14. She gave presentations on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and feminist foreign policy.


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