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New Journal of Politics in Latin America 3/2016

What challenges faces contemporary Chile in regard to political representation? The new Journal of Politics in Latin America examines this question in detail.

Journal of Politics of Latin America Vol. 8, No. 3 (2016)


  • Rossana Castiglioni, Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser: Introduction. Challenges to Political Representation in Contemporary Chile Abstract/ PDF

Research Articles

  • Jana Morgan, Carlos Meléndez: Parties under Stress: Using a Linkage Decay Framework to Analyze the Chilean Party System Abstract/ PDF

  • Peter M. Siavelis: Crisis of Representation in Chile? The Institutional Connection Abstract/ PDF

  • Emmanuelle Barozet, Vicente Espinoza: Current Issues on the Political Representation of Middle Classes in Chile Abstract/ PDF

  • Kenneth M. Roberts: (Re)Politicizing Inequalities: Movements, Parties, and Social Citizenship in Chile Abstract/ PDF


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