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New Journal of Politics in Latin America 2/2019

The new issue of the Journal of Politics in Latin America offers analyses on a variety of topics.

  • Journal of Politics of Latin America Vol. 11, No. 2 (2019)

    Research Articles

    • Damarys Canache, Matthew Cawve, Matthew Hayes, Jeffery J. Mondak: Who Sees Corruption? The Bases of Mass Perceptions of Political Corruption in Latin America Abstract | PDF

    • Stéphanie Rousseau, Eduardo Dargent: The Construction of Indigenous Language Rights in Peru: A Language Regime Approach Abstract | PDF

    • Mariana Caminotti, Jennifer M. Piscopo: Neither Penalised nor Prized: Feminist Legislators, Women’s Representation, and Career Paths in Argentina Abstract | PDF

    • Silvia Borzutzky: You Win Some, You Lose Some: Pension Reform in Bachelet’s First and Second Administrations Abstract | PDF

    Research Note

    • Davide Carbonai: Labor Reform in Brazil, Politics, and Sindicatos: Notes on the General Strikes of 2017 Abstract | PDF

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